Having to have to relocate every few years or so due to my profession always makes me anxious....one of my major concerns now that I have children is the quality of education...having found Montessori Ivy League has been more than I expected….my daughter is not just a student but is cared for and taught from teachers who embody passion for what they do....I trusted without a doubt....the teachings pour into her home life....I am beyond impressed with the quality of education taught....it does take a village to raise a family and I am proud to say that your school has been a part of that family….I am a firm believer that it starts from the top and you are that top Ms Salma...you as a leader have made it obvious and set a tone with standards to your employees...they are professional...passionate and so caring towards these children.....from the bottom of our hearts I thank you for teaching my daughter a foundation of loving to learn!!!!!!

Sincerely and with love,

The Stuckey Family!!,