I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful experience it has been for my son going to this school.  The staff is extremely caring and professional.  My son who is 15 months has learned so much in only 2 months of attending here.


Ms. Salma, the Directress,  addresses all questions and concerns with sincere care and very promptly!  She offers classes for the parents as well so that we can all be in on the same page with our children...we can be in sync with what the children learn at school and then follow through at home.


The school is also extremely maintained and clean.  I visited other day care and pre-schools where the children were not cleaned up after, their noses were running and etc. (I practically ran out of those places!) You can be sure they keep everything very sanitary.


They also offer a hot lunch program with the most delicious meal choices.  My son eats a better lunch than I do!  That's just icing on the cake!


What I love most about this school is that my son can learn and excel in an environment that is "out of the box"...where he can follow a curriculum, but at his own pace.  It's structured but lacks the rigidness of traditional schools...the school caters to the way a child "naturally" learns and I wouldn't put my child in any other school.


Diane B. ,