Prep: Ages 2 1/2 to 3 1/2

Prep Ages 2-31_2 YearsIn our Prep-class, the children are groomed for preschool. Once children develop some level of internal control in the Toddler class, it becomes easier in the Prep-class to potty train them.  Here they are exposed to each area of Montessori Learning including Math, Language, Science, Art, Practical Life, Sensorial, Geography, as well as physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and peace curriculum using Montessori materials.  One of the main focuses of the Prep program is our Sensorial and Practical Life curriculum, through which the students develop fine motor skills as well as the organization and patterning skills inherited in math and language concepts.

Prep Years

In the first six years of the child's life, the brain works very differently than the adult's, and it "absorbs" information easily. They are the most powerful and influential years. Toddlers express their independence, and teachers give our toddlers loving, distinctive attention to help them build their skills in the following crucial areas:

  • Sensory and Perception
  • Self-Help
  • Language
  • Physical and Motor Skills
  • Social and Emotional Growth
Our toddler program offers our very young children in their sensitive period an exclusive year of self-development in an affectionate and loving environment.

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM  Early arrival (early care begins at 7:30 AM)
8:00 AM  Greeting Students

Group Lesson & Individual Lesson (Introducing Montessori Lessons)

8:30 AM  Montessori Time/Fine Motor Skills

Practical Life, Science, learning letter sound on sand paper. Learning numbers & number tracing, Music, Language, Art Craft, Cooking.

(snacks available All Day)

9:15 AM  Montessori Line Time

Good morning song/calendar/weather/attendance,

Circle & Music Time – singing/story time/day of week

9:30 AM  AM Snack (snacks available All Day)
9:45 AM   Bathroom Break/Toilet Training

(diaper change)

10:00 AM   Recess Outdoor Play/Large Motor Skills
10:30 AM   Montessori Line Time

(group lessons/grace and courtesy)

10:45 AM   Montessori Individual Work Time

(children choose their own work)

11:00 AM  Lunch Time

Help children wash hands and help have lunch & wash hands after eating

(grace, courtesy & table manners)

11:50 AM   Clean-Up/Bathroom Break/Toilet Training

(diaper change)

12:00 PM   Half Day Dismissal
12:00 PM  Nap Time/Story Time
2:00 PM   Bathroom Break/Toilet Training

(diaper change)

2:15 PM  Outdoor Play/Large Motor Skills
2:30 PM  Snack & Social-Emotional
2:45 PM  Bathroom Break/Toilet Training

(diaper change)

3:00 PM- 7:00PM Full Time dismissal & Aftercare