Montessori Ivy League Academy

A Montessori Preschool in Pembroke Pines – Ages 1 - 6


The first years will define a child’s life. Let us design your future. Montessori legacy since 1907.


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Escuela Preescolar Guarderia en la Ciudad de Pembroke Pines.

About Us

Montessori Ivy League embraces every possible philosophy to enhance the development of the child in an academic and warm atmosphere,
as well as considering the safety of the child at all times.

By teaching and allowing independence and collaborative learning, with high quality material, learning is reinforced internally through the child's own repetition of an activity and internal feelings of success. This carries the child’s success well beyond the Montessori years.

Montessori Ivy League is a firm believer in the authentic Montessori philosophy of the ”Absorbent Mind,” where a child’s mind is formed in the early childhood. In accordance with the same philosophy, Harvard University’s extensive studies suggest that the structure of the brain is formed in the early years of a child’s education, and we at Montessori Ivy League are proud to incorporate these studies and their practical functions into our curriculum.

Se habla español. Escuela Preescolar Guarderia en la Ciudad de Pembroke Pines.

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