The Precious Balance in Montessori

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we might not see."  John F. Kennedy.



A child is a very delicate, tender, and precious gift. Bringing up decent, respectable human beings requires the full presence and dedication of all stakeholders. In early childhood, nothing is as influential to children’s growth and development as the relationship with their parents and their teachers. While parents are loving, nurturing, and understanding to their children by nature, teachers exert effort to be present and caring to all children. Great teachers have an ever-lasting impact on children’s character and society’s well-being. That is why a Montessori methodology trusts the children’s capabilities, belief in the uniqueness of each and every one of them, and respect to their development pace is crucial to a growing child, keeping this precious balance.



Children are looking for someone to anchor; for safety, security, empathy, affection and motivation, someone to unleash their glow. And as early as preschool, teachers are key players in these associations. A Montessori teacher is a non-judgmental, patient, supportive, and social intelligent teacher. She understands her role as a catalyst to children’s growth, and a guardian to their development process. In a Montessori classroom, children are the center of attention, and the teacher is completely aware of that. The teacher acts as the link between children and the environment. She designs an environment that sponsors children’s self-directed learning as per Montessori’s guidelines, and makes sure that children have the required space to try and explore for themselves. She only acts as a facilitator and a guide.


Figure 1: In this image, the Director of Montessori Ivy League, in Pembroke Pines, FL,
Salma Ajani, is guiding the children in their lessons.


A Montessori teacher understands that children are different; each has his/her own character, interest, strengths, and pace of development. However, as a sponsor of children’s development, she is able to read each child and customize the learning experience to get the best out of him/her.


At the Montessori Ivy League Academy, although, our classrooms are very active, the learning experience is mostly a one to one experience. Our teachers know how to tune in to all children’s requirements. Operating around a core Montessori classroom trait which is basically supervised freedom, our teachers give children the necessary freedom, while setting up the required limits. They set the example for children to follow. They teach children how to moderate their social interaction, resolve conflicts, respect one another, and they lead the way to self-discipline. Teachers understand that children are the most valuable resource.


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