Parent Information

Parental involvement is very important to student’s achievement in the Montessori program.  Hence, we make it an important commitment to clearly, openly, and frequently communicate with the parents, and involve them in as many programs and routines as possible. We encourage the parents to access our monthly newsletter and calendar, directly available via our website.  We also make an effort for the parents to know about the Montessori method, so this valuable philosophy can be translated in the home environment, as well.

Volunteer Anyone?

Parental involvement also gives you a chance to meet other parents, who share the same elevated values for their children’s quality of life.

You are an important part of the program. As you become more aware of your child’s progress through our system, you will get a better sense on how and when to get more involved, and of course, we welcome all questions, since your involvement is essential to the program’s success. Hence, we are always offering opportunities for you to get involved, for example, attending free seminars and information sessions to learn more about the Montessori method, and visiting the school, while the class is in session (with advanced notice).