What Can a Montessori Education Do For Your Child?

Every child has the potential to achieve great things. But unless they’re put in the best position to succeed, many never get the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. The foundation of a healthy and productive life starts with a quality education. It will stay with them from childhood all the way through their adult lives. According to researchers from the journal Science, a Montessori education can help produce more mature, creative and socially adept students than a traditional education. But what makes this method of education successful?

The Montessori method of schooling places an emphasis on personal development rather than exams. This seems to contradict what many people believe as competition breeding excellence. But according to the Science study, five-year-old Montessori students were better prepared for subjects such as reading and math and 12-year-old students were able to write able to write with more sophisticated sentence structure than their counterparts from traditional schools.



Figure 1 Complicated Math Work at the Montessori Ivy League Academy, in Pembroke Pines, FL


Unlike conventional public schools, the Montessori method doesn’t use tests or grades to create a competitive means of achievement. Instead, they place a greater focus on the development of each child. It’s not uncommon for students from different ages to share the same classroom. This enables students to socially engage with different types of children. There is also a greater attention to detail on practical life skills. The study in the journal Science sampled students from ages 3 to 12 in a Montessori school in Milwaukee compared to other schools in the local area. The study tested children based on mental performance, academic abilities along with social and behavioral skills. What was particularly noticeable was the ability of Montessori students to adapt to change and complex problems. Despite the fact Montessori students are not tested or graded on a regular basis, they still managed to score just as well in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Because each child is different, Montessori schools are able to accommodate students of all learning styles. Students are typically given more freedom and are valued as unique individuals. By placing students in multi-age classrooms, older children learn how to become mentors, while younger students learn to gain confidence. The Montessori Ivy League Academy in Pembroke Pines offers a progressive curriculum of education for children ranging from 12 months old to 6 years of age. The school is open year-round and provides a caring atmosphere along with a standard for academic excellence. To learn more information about the Montessori Ivy League Academy call 954-438-8808.

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