Yearly Archives: 2017

The Precious Balance in Montessori

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we might not see."  John F. Kennedy.   A PRECIOUS BALANCE A child is a very delicate, tender, and precious gift. Bringing up decent, respectable human beings requires the full presence and dedication of all stakeholders. In early childhood, nothing is as influential to children’s growth…
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Only in a Montessori Environment

If you enter a classroom, where children are actively engaged in a self- learning setup, know that you are in a Montessori classroom. CHILD CENTERED A Montessori classroom is centred around children, with the sole aim of giving children a customized learning opportunity that mimics their capabilities. Characterized with simplicity, beauty and order, a Montessori…
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Discipline and Freedom; Partners in a Montessori Classroom

How many times did a teacher ask you to sit properly when you were young, yet, you never really understood what was wrong with sitting the way you wanted? Or how frustrated were you when a teacher belittled all your efforts, just because you weren’t “disciplined” enough? Contrary to the definition of discipline as per…
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