Primary Teacher Training


Training Videos

Support for New Teachers

The first year of Montessori practice present unique challenges for newly trained teachers. (16 min. 30 sec)

Observation and the Teacher

An exploration of the role Observation plays in our daily Montessori practice(16 min. 18 sec)

Clean Up Set Up

Care of the environment supports children’s ownership of their learning community
(5 min. 21 sec.)

Everyday Food

Preparation and enjoyment of healthy food in communities of young children (4 min. 14 sec)


The Montessori teacher is asked to become the “dynamic link” to the prepared environment for the child. (7 min. 58 sec)

Peer to Peer Learning

Create and expose children to a variety of social roles (9 min. 40 sec.)


Capturing ordinary days in Montessori environments (19 min. 43 sec.)

The Bead Chain

A Montessori story of persistence (7 min. 26 sec.)

My Day

Experience the Montessori approach through three primary children as they journey through their morning work periods. (19 min. 0 sec.)

The Alphabet of Life

Dr. Silvia Dubovoy, PhD, on the personality of the child (7 min. 14 sec.)

Ritual of the Meal

Opportunities for children to practice a variety of social tasks and develop relationships. (5 min. 58 sec)

Starting New Classroom

The fundamentals of starting a Montessori program. (12 min. 10 sec.)

My Pink Tower

A Montessori story of matching the child to an appropriate work. (7 min. 26 sec.)

Snack Time

Cultivation of independence and problem-solving abilities. (5 min. 18 sec.)

Creating a Learning Community

Montessori focuses on meeting children’s needs. (23 min. 40 sec.)

Everyday Music

Children are exposed to the fundamentals of music on a daily basis through integrated materials and activities. (10 min. 59 sec.)


Able to express himself and communicate successfully with others, is at the root of authentic Montessori practice. (24 min. 18 sec)


Kay Baker discusses Dr. Montessori’s work entitled Psychogeometry. (5 min. 57 sec)

Montessori’s Intuition

Dr. Montessori's informed intuition led her to techniques of working with children, such as the three period language lesson, that reflect today's scientific discoveries about human learning. (6 min. 53 sec)

Changing the Conversation

How to make sure your actions are in line with your words.

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There's No Such Thing as a Bad Child

Here's How to Approach Parent Teacher Conferences

A Montessori Toddler Program

The Montessori Language Program

Montessori Sensorial Exercises


Montessori Classroom, Lessons, & Philosophy

Maria Montessori

The Magic of the Montessori Materials

Montessori Toddler Works - Language Shelf

How To Use 3 Part Cards In A Montessori Lesson

Montessori Practical Life Activity
(Pegging a basket)

Montessori Continents Jigsaw Puzzle Map (Names of the Oceans)

Montessori Geography Exercise (Land and Water Forms Trays)

Three Kings First Layout

Brown Stair

The Pink Tower - Background

Pink Tower Lesson

Sensorial - Visual Sense - Pink Tower

Red Rods

Broad Stairs and Pink Tower Extension 6

Knobbed Cylinder Lesson

Sensorial - Knobbed Cilinder

Knobless Cylinders - Red

Sensorial - Visual Sense - Trinomial Cube

Three Kings First Layout

Color Tablets - Box 1

Color Tablets - Box 2

Color Tablets - Box 3

Color Tablets - Box 3 - Sensorial Activities

Sound Cylinders

Rough & Smooth Boards

Fabric Matching

Baric Tablets

Tasting Bottles

Presenting Geometric Solids

Geometric Solids Nomenclature

Geo Solids - Castle Building

Geometric Cabinet

Geometric Cabinet - Circle Drawer

Triangular Box

Rectangular Triangle - part 1

Rectangular Triangle - part 2

Box 3 - Constructive Triangles Summary - Small Hexagon Box

Counting using Fraction Cones (Skittles)

Basic Fractions in Early Childhood

Rolling a Mat & Rolling a Napkin

How to unRoll a Rug

How to Pick Up a Rug

Placing a Rug on the Floor

Setting Down a Tray

Silence Activity

Quiet Walk with Math Materials

Walking on the Line

Walking on the Line balancing a cup

How to Open a Book

How to Turn a Page

How to Close a Book

Sitting on a Chair

Standing from A Chair

Opening & Closing Boxes

Opening & Closing Bottles

Bottle Caps - Multiple Sizes

Stringing Beads

Threading Pasta

Sorting Beads by color

Sorting Gems by color

Rainbow Box I

Rainbow Box II

Pin Shape Sorting

Dry Pouring


Rice with a Funnel

Wet Pouring

Water (1-1, handle, no spout)

Water (1-1, handle & spout)

Multiple Containers and Funnel

Pouring Milk I

Pouring Milk II

Pouring Milk III

Spooning Rice

Spooning Grains

Squeezing Sponges 1

Squeezing Sponges 2

How to Lock and Unlock the Lock

Locks and Keys

Toddler Lock and Unlock

Pegging a Basket

Tonging Marbles

Tweezing Clothespins

Tweezing Beads

Folding a Napkin

Folding and Rolling Washcloths

Folding Dinner Napkins


Cutting Paper Strips

Tracing Poking

Tracing and Poking Shapes


Gluing Paper Shapes


Stapling and Sorting Phonics pics


Practical Life & Sequencing


Dusting a Table


Sweeping Beans

Sweeping Paper


Washing the Table

Table Washing

Drying the Table

Care of Plants

Watering Plants 1

Watering Plants 2

Small Button Frame

Tying and Untying a Bow




Lace Frame


Shoe Lacing

Shoe Lacing

Buckle Frame

Hook and Eye

Folding Shirts

Folding Pants

Folding Underoos

Clothes Hanging

Hanging up Painting Apron

Polishing a Shoe

Water Dispenser

Mixing Ingredients

Kneading Dough

Orange Juice Making

Cutting and Serving Banana

Cutting Cantaloupe

Cracking Eggs

Peeling and Slicing Egg

Table Setting and Folding a Napkin

Snack Time with Table Setting

Setting a Formal Table Setting

How to Set a Beautiful Table

Swaddling a Baby

Learning to Wait in the Montessori Classroom

Procedural Conduct

How to Open and Close a Door

How to Wash Hands with Soap Dispenser

How to Wash Hands with Soap

How to Pass a Pointed Object


Sandpaper Numerals

Hanging Bead Stair

Hanging Bead Stair 2

Large Rods 

Preschool Lessons

Montessori Number Rods

Montessori Math Lesson - Number Rods

Concept of Larger and Smaller

Comparing Rods from a Distance

Simple Operations

Addition Using number Rods

Table Rods

Comparing Quantity and Symbol

Hundred Boards

Montessori Hundred Board

Long & Short Chains

Short Chain of Eight

Long Chain of Five

Preschool Material - Bead Chains

Place Value/Hierarchy

Introduction to Place Value

Decimal Board

Decimal Board Subtraction

Stamp Game/Dot Game

Dot Game

Bead Frames

Short Bead Frame

Small Bead Frame Addition

Small Bead Frame - Dynamic Subtraction

Suzanne's Snake Game Demos

Montessori Materials Resources

Bead Bar Multiplication Layout Part 1

Bead Bar Multiplication Layout Part 2

Positive Snake Game #1

Addition Strip Board

Addition Strip Board - Making Tens

Subtraction Strip Board

Multiplication Board

Multiplication Finger Chart

Division Board

Division Board

Division Finger Chart

Land & Water Forms

Land, Water & Air

Land & Water Forms


Sandpaper Globe

Puzzle Maps

Lower Elementary Geography

Pin Maps

Upper Elementary Pin Maps

Great Lessons

Solar System

#1 Creation of the Universe

Timeline of Life - a child's view

#2 Story of Writing

Excerpt of 4th Great Lesson

#4 Story of Writing

Calendar/Seasons/Celebration of the Sun

Montessori Birthday Celebration with sign language

Montessori Birthday Celebration with narration and song


Plant Questions