Montessori Focuses on Child Development

Maria Montessori believed that there were four periods of development in a human life where education plays an important role. Each plane of development consists of different human characteristics

, and calls for a specific academic approach to foster the development of these characteristics. At Montessori Ivy League Academy, we focus on the first plane of child development, which takes place from birth to the age of six. During the preschool and kindergarten years, children undergo drastic physical and mental development. Montessori Ivy League Academy strives to aid in the education, development, and growth of children through our child care and educational programs.


During the first plane of development, children explore their surroundings in a concrete manner using their senses. The Montessori Method focuses on helping these children create a functional independence while teaching them the concept of self-construction. Maria Montessori’s concept of the absorbent mind is essential during this plane of development. The power of the absorbent mind in children is demonstrated as they easily adapt and absorb language, culture, and other concepts of the world around them. According to the Montessori Method, the absorbent mind tends to fade as children reach the age of six. Because of this, Montessori schools believe it is especially important to nurture this tendency in small children.

A Montessori education focuses on helping children acquire language skills, interest in small objects, sensory refinement, appropriate social behaviors, and a sense of order. This is accomplished by offering children the freedom to move about the classroom and choose projects to see through to completion from a range of structured activities. Montessori Ivy League Academy offers toddler learning programs, kindergarten programs, and many other programs in between to aid in the development of children. In Montessori Ivy League Academy, children learn, grow, and discover using Montessori materials and methods developed by Maria Montessori.

In addition to toddler programs, Montessori Ivy League Academy also offers prep programs for children between the ages of 2 ½ and 3 ½, primary programs for children ages 3 to 6, advanced primary programs for 4 to 6 year olds, and kindergarten programs. Each program is structured to aid in the natural development of specific age groups. The activities children take part in are designed around the age group’s size and abilities to encourage the children to develop structured independence and other practical and educational skills. To learn more about Montessori Ivy League Academy’s child care and education programs in Pembroke Pines, call (954) 438-8808 today.