Importance of Effective Toddler Learning

Children are like sponges. They learn at an incredible rate and absorb knowledge in just about every situation. This includes play and activity. When most people associate the word “learning”, they think of reading, writing and arithmetic. But for toddlers, the mechanisms of learning are even more complex.

Not only are they developing mentally, they’re also growing physically.

When a toddler is playing with their toys, it may seem like simple child’s play. But the truth is there’s a lot of learning going on. They’re quickly gaining basic physical skills such as muscle control, balance, coordination and motor skills. As soon as a child masters a skill, they quickly move on to the next. Eventually, children will progress to more complicated physical types of play which include running, jumping rope, kicking a ball or even performing a cartwheel. This also plays a vital role in developing their confidence and self-esteem. Once they master a skill, they become more motivated to acquire others.

A Montessori education places an emphasis on acquiring practical life skills. Along with physical development, toddlers in a Montessori preschool learn the values of concentration, language skills as well as the basics of math, science, geography, respect and responsibilities. By acquiring these skills, toddlers begin to gain a sense of independence. It's all part of the philosophy of helping children accomplish tasks by encouraging them to do it themselves. But the learning process doesn't just happen in school. Your home environment also provides a key role in toddler learning. Here are some basic tasks which can be applied at home by utilizing the Montessori method:

  • Hand washing
  • Face washing
  • Tooth brushing
  • Hair brushing
  • Using the toilet

These bathroom tasks are all important to basic hygiene. Create an environment in your home where your child has easy access to perform these tasks, such as providing a step stool, so they can reach the sink. A soap pump allows them to wash their hands and face easier than using a soap bar in a dish. Tooth brushing can sometime be challenging because many toddlers lack the coordination to properly handle and use the brush. One way to motivate a child and get them excited about brushing their teeth is to perform the task along with them. These are just a few things you can do at home to encourage your child to become more independent and help them gain confidence in development their skills.

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