Your Child’s Health, Safety, & Security

Your Child's Health, Safety, & Security (1)

Your child’s safety and security is of the utmost priority at our school.


  • Entrance is staffed at all times and is controlled by a security gate.
  • All parents and authorized persons are registered in our system, complete with driver’s license information and photographs.
  • Additional security door exists before the main school begins.
  • All areas (except restrooms) are monitored 24 hours by security cameras by ADT®.
  • Entire staff is fingerprinted and is cleared by national and local law enforcement.
  • All natural, hormone and insecticide free meals catered.
  • Bright, high quality uniforms.
  • Biometric fingerprint check-in and check-out system, in addition to our manual system.
  • The 3,600 feet playground has a state-of-the-art safety ground and is entirely covered by a 6’ fence.
  • Due to safety concerns, flip flops, backless shoes, and jewelry are not allowed.