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“I am extremely happy with the choice we made to put our son in Montessori Ivy League. My husband’s other children have all attended Montessori schools ...

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The Montessori method arises from Dr. Montessori's discovery of what she referred to as "the child's true normal nature”. According to the Montessori method, when we give freedom to children in an environment prepared with materials designed for their self-directed learning activity, it sustains and supports their true natural way of being. It is an approach to educating children based on scientific research and experiences.


True Montessori Education & Cutting Edge Security

Montessori Ivy League is a progressive school combining Authentic Montessori method with Harvard, Yale, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell for Center on Developing child and Early Childhood Educational Research. Montessori is the legacy of a long and proud tradition of the thoughtful school practice of Maria Montessori, stretching back since 1907. We offer a variety of programs for children from 12 months - 6 years of age, toddler, primary, & kindergarten, open all year round. Our school offers this education in beautifully prepared interior spaces, with inviting outdoor space, while seeking academic excellence naturally. We strive for academic excellence, as well as to create a sense of wonder for a lifelong love of learning, at the children’s own pace.

Montessori Ivy League School is based on the proven authentic Montessori Method, guided by a pre-planned written curriculum designed to be developmentally appropriate, in a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Our curriculum is design to create balances between joyful scholarship, independent thinking and research, curiosity, creativity, and imagination.

Combination of three logos: American Montessori Society, The International Montessori Council, and The Montessori Foundation

A place where children CREATE, LAUGH, PLAY, & GROW

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